Program & Site Logos

The Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Logo is also adapted for use for individual programs and sites. For logo use best practices, refer to Appropriate Logo Use. Please email if you need a customized logo that you will use regularly for your program.

“Find Your Path” with Monogram

The primary logo uses the "FIND YOUR PATH" logomark and "Philadelphia Parks & Recreation" logotype together; however, there are instances when the “Find Your Path” with Monogram logo may be used as a graphic or illustrative element to extend departmental identity. You might see this on the front of a baseball cap or back of a t-shirt. In addition, the monogram logo will accompany individual program and site names (see below).

Please note that the "Find Your Path" with Monogram design should never accompany the "Philadelphia Parks & Recreation" logotype. Please use the Primary Departmental Logo or 3-line Alternate Departmental Logo if you want the full department name to accompany the logomark.

Double Line

Individual recreation center names should be represented as an extension of the larger primary logo, with the name of the recreation facility on the top line and the words “R
ecreation Center” (or Playground) on the bottom. The “FIND YOUR PATH” with Monogram is employed while names are set in Senti­nel Semibold typeface, all caps.

Single Line

Individual park names should be represented as an extension of the larger primary logo, with the name of the park on a single line. The “FIND YOUR PATH” with Mono­gram is employed while names are set in Sentinel Semibold typeface, all caps.

Program Logo

Program names are presented as an extension of the primary logo, with the specific program title in all-caps, Sentinel Semibold typeface and contrasting yellow.