Media and External Communications Policy

Media & Press:

All inquiries from journalists, photographers, bloggers, or media of any kind must be referred to Alain Joinville or Maita Soukup. No question or inquiry is too small.

Even off-the-record statements or conversations “on background” need to go through the Communications team. Please provide as much detail as possible. This is important to ensure the entire department is speaking with “one voice” and remains on-message within the context of City government.

All ideas for press conferences, releases, media advisories, or other public communications for the department, Commissioner Ott Lovell, or Mayor Kenney should be sent to Alain or Maita. This includes projects on which you work in partnership with other City departments, City Council, outside organizations like non-profit agencies, and private PR firms.

Alain and Maita work closely with Mayor Kenney’s Office of Communications to strategically plan events and announcements to maximize the impact of the Administration’s initiatives. Sharing this information will ensure City departments are not competing with each other for coverage.

Public Officials:

All requests for joint press conferences, releases, media advisories, or other public communications from City, State, Federal, or other public/elected officials should be sent to Alain and Maita as well.

Contact information:

Alain Joinville

Senior Public Relations Manager (PPR)

(215) 683-3634

Maita Soukup

Associate Communications Director (PPR and Rebuild)

(215) 683-3586